EMDR Therapy


EMDR Therapy

November 3, 2016
A.J. Smith
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image7EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an advance implementation of psychoanalysis and therapy we are proud to offer at Awakenings by the Sea. Under the care of our Director, Serenna Stone, qualified patients undergo specialized processes to speed the recovery from the pain of addiction. Overwhelming scientific evidence has shown that appropriate candidates can experience the results of years’ psychotherapy in a minimal amount of time. While it is expected that recovery from uncompromising emotional pain should take many month or years, EMDR therapy demonstrations the mind can heal itself. When you fall down and scrape your knee, your body starts to stop the bleeding. If you continue to fall, the cuts and scrapes will not heel. When you learn how not to fall, the healing will happen. EMDR therapy finds the mind responds in the same way. The way in which the brain functions works towards a place of mental health and stability. If your mind is distressed by painful events in your past, the pain cannot heal. The pain will in fact grow. Once you can identify what is blocking your recovery, your mind can begin to heal. Within the detailed protocols and procedures of EMDR therapy session, Serenna Stone can help clients stimulate their natural recovery process.

Over 30 controlled scientific studies have been completed on EMDR therapy. The results of some of these studies show nearly 90% of single trauma victims no longer exhibit the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder after three sessions lasting 90 minutes. Other studies show 100% recovery from PTSD for single trauma victims, and 77% of multi-trauma victims recover from PTSD after just a few sessions. This revolutionary therapy is recognized by the World Health Organization, the American Psychiatric Association, and the Department of Defense. Millions have received the benefits of EMDR therapy. At Awakenings by the Sea, you can find this healing, and your sobriety.

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