Paying for treatment


Paying for treatment

March 5, 2015
A.J. Smith
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For Immediate Treatment Help Call 800-923-4673 (HOPE)

Is treatment worth it?

Awakenings by the Sea is committed to the idea that substance abuse must be addressed with a dedicated treatment program staffed by highly trained addiction experts. The complications and intricacies of addiction to alcohol or drugs cannot be confronted alone. You, or the woman you love, deserve the best chance for recovery. Do not let the cost prevent you from finding a better future for you and your family. Awakenings by the Sea will work with you. You have several options available to you right now!Sad woman with documents and laptop


Awakenings by the Sea will accept coverage many of the leading insurance providers. As health care laws change, you can benefit through increased mandated coverage. Call us today for more details.

Cash or Check

Do you want to cover your loved one’s treatment immediately? We gladly accept upfront cash payments.


Are insurance or upfront payments not an option for you? Call us today to find out about financing and loan terms.

When you call, here is what you can expect:

Knowing addiction needs to be confronted is one of the most difficult times in any woman’s life. You will receive the respect and patience you deserve. Many members of our staff have been in your place. They look forward to working for you today.

Information you will need:

When you call, please have as much of the following information available. This will expedite treatment for you, or your loved one.

·      Contact information for the person seeking treatment

·      Contact information for the person who is the primary covered individual (parent, spouse, ect)

·      Insurance information

o   The name of your insurance company

o   Insurance group number

o   Insurance member number

Within a couple of hours, we will have the information from your insurance company so you know the level of coverage you can expect.

No matter the circumstance, you will be given the facts. We will not promise anything we cannot deliver. Insurance companies do their best to limit your coverage. This is how they make money. We will fight to get every cent we can to fight you addiction. With dignity, you will hear the truth and not unfounded promises.

Our dedicated staff is standing by to answer your questions. We know the hardest part of addiction is asking for help. The path to recovery can start with one phone call. We understand the pain substance abuse can cause. Awakenings by the Sea is waiting to help today!



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