November 11, 2014
A.J. Smith
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Aftercare & Outpatient Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women: Phase 4 – Aftercare

Aftercare or outpatient treatment at Awakenings by the Sea is a multi-element strategy with various therapeutic approaches to bond all that has been learned while in inpatient treatment. While in inpatient women have been grounded in the principals of recovery, taught the underlying issue of relapse, and created close connections at local AA/NA groups. Although some are ready to return home and begin their new journey, many benefit from continuing their recovery work in the tranquil setting of the spiritual little yellow house by the sea at Awakenings.

Women can increase the probability of successful sobriety simply by not rushing back to the day to day demands of life. Statistics show that 4 months, 6 months, and even a year of support in one’s original recovering environment gives women a greater change at staying sober. Simply put: Less is not more when it comes to recovery – more is more! Every individual is different and will be treated according to their needs, but empirical evidence is factual and there is a correlation between the amount of time spend in treatment and the duration of sobriety. Afer completing the intial phases at our drug and alcohol rehab for women, clients can continue nightly sessions back at the little yellow house 3-5 nights a week. This additional opportunity may very well solidify their long term sobriety.

Step work is finished and stronger communal relationships are built with a mentor/sponsor who was also afflicted but now has a beautiful, sober life. Our clients are asked to be heavily involved with local AA/NA meetings, including being involved with women’s only groups. Service work in and outside of our halls is also strongly encouraged.

This transitional step is the hidden pearl unfound and overlooked in many women’s early recovery.
Awakenings Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women wants to be your pearl of immeasurable value that rocked you into a new exciting and fulfilling dimension!

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