November 11, 2014
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Awakenings by the Sea, Oregon Rehab: Staff

Awakenings by the Sea prides itself on selecting highly trained and qualified staff members who have many years of combined experience in the field of addiction treatment. Our small Oregon rehab center lends itself to providing quality individualized care to our clients. While professional backgrounds and qualifications are a vital consideration in choosing our staff (to ensure top-quality client care), so are the personal lives of our staff members, who are able to connect with clients through shared experiences. They understand the many facets of addiction that have brought clients to our doors, and serve as powerful examples of how a life of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a life worth living.

Photo of Serenna Stone MS, CADC II, CCTP
Serenna Stone MS, CADC II, CCTP
Clinical Program Director

Serenna brings 10 years of treatment programming and leadership experience to her position as Clinical Director. She combines her training in DBT, relapse prevention, and motivational interviewing skills in helping patients and their families become independent, active and empowered to lead healthy and product lives in recovery. Serenna received her Master’s Degree in Psychology and holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. She is a CADC-II-level Drug and Alcohol Counselor, has completed training and certification from the International Association of Trauma Professionals. She is also certified as an ACCBO educator and has helped many achieve their goals in becoming substance abuse counselors. Recently, Serenna has obtained her EMDR therapy certification to provide a new level of care to women. We are thrilled to have Serenna leading the Awakenings by the Sea team.

Photo of Ann Martin
Ann Martin
Executive Consultant

Awakenings by the Sea was designed by our Executive Consultant Ann Martin. Ann has over 30 year’s sobriety. She worked for the Betty Ford Center providing relapse and relationship workshops for 17 years, along with continuing care work, while managing a private practice in southern California. She is an imago/relationship therapist, workshop presenter and a PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) presenter. She has presented nationally and internationally for lawyers and physicians in recovery. Ann is also a SEP practitioner (somatic experiencing) for trauma work as well as a certified addiction counselor in Oregon and California. She has been teaching relapse prevention and facilitates our couple’s workshop here at Awakenings.

Photo of Courtney Cruz LPN
Courtney Cruz LPN

Courtney joined Awakenings in 2012 after relocating from California.  She received her LPN license in 2010 after working as a CNA and realized she wanted to do more.  She has two very active boys who keep her running and they spend most of their free time enjoying the outdoors.  Courtney never realized working with women in addiction would bring such challenges into nursing but she knows now that these challenges are the steps to change.  She has seen so many positive changes daily in the women and recognizes its the beginning of a new life.

Photo of Donald Welty LPN
Donald Welty LPN

Don has been a nurse in Oregon for 30 years, He worked at Salem Hospital for 25 of those years; and has worked in addiction medicine for 3 years. He provides medical care with dedication and compassion to each and every woman during their stay at Awakenings by the Sea. He has worked for other Drug and Alcohol facilities in Oregon, and says, ”Awakenings by the Sea has the best Detox and Residential Treatment Program that
​he has seen, and ​he ​would not hesitate to recommend it to ​his​ own family members.”

Photo of Karie Buss M.A.
Karie Buss M.A.
Registered LPC Intern, CADC I

Karie received her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Multnomah University in 2014. She interned at the Salvation Army for over a year working with men struggling with addiction. She is currently a Registered LPC intern and holds her CACD I. She has experience working with mental health and substance abuse issues. Her areas of specialty are anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and trauma. She utilized Narrative therapy, CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing techniques in her counseling. Her passion lays in working with the families that have loved ones with an addiction, as well as substance abuse patients that struggle with depression. She believes that by helping the family enter into their recovery, and receive healing they can be a more effective support for their loved one. Also by addressing mental health issues such as depression these patients have a better chance at preventing relapse from their addiction.  She is in recovery from a food addiction, and codependency issues. She has many family members that struggle with addiction, and has seen firsthand the destruction it can cause in the lives of the family and the individual abusing substances.

Photo of Teresa Daw
Teresa Daw
Facilities & HR Director

Teresa joined Awakenings by the Sea in November of 2014. She lives in Astoria, Oregon with her family; she is a longtime resident of the Oregon Coast. Before coming to Awakenings, she worked at a local Community Health Center for 11 years working with patients in a medical setting. Teresa is attending the local community college finishing up the pre-requisites for nursing school. Her goal is to make every new client feel welcome and at home. With a family history of addiction, she is compassionate and understanding to the needs of our clients.

Photo of Keith Forney
Keith Forney
Admissions Director
Keith has been in recovery for almost 10 years. He worked in “corporate America” for 15 years before realizing his true passion was helping people receive the same gift of sobriety that he’s received. He’s worked in recovery for 5 years and takes pride in walking alcoholics/addicts and their families through the admissions process. His goal is to offer solutions no matter what the circumstances of each individual are. He will recognize the positive no matter what the situation is and formulate a plan to achieve successful sobriety. His motto is: “Call Me Anytime.” And he means that.
732.771.6297 (direct line)
Photo of Eva Lee Guzman
Eva Lee Guzman
Recovery Advocate

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After a life of addiction and trails and errors she found her true calling in helping woman just like herself.  Now after several years of recovery she joined Awakenings by the Sea in 2014.  She enjoys her job as a Recovery Advocate and is continuing her education to becoming a drug counselor.  She looks forward to the day when she can become certified as a CADC which will fulfill her goal and her dream of working with woman will continue.

Photo of Nicole Jensen
Nicole Jensen
Recovery Advocate

Nicole joined Awakenings in early 2016.  Nicole was raised in Gresham, Oregon. She resides in Seaside, Oregon and loves bike riding, surfing and running.  She has three children, ages 14, 11 and 6.  Nicole has been in recovery for two and a half years and is very active in AA.  She has started working towards becoming a drug counselor.  She is very passionate about helping other women find recovery and teaching them that recovery can be fun.

Photo of Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson

Debra joined Awakenings in August 2016.  She is originally from California.  She relocated to Astoria, Oregon after the death of her husband.  She is Native American.  Debra has three children and four step-children.  Her life is full of 13 grandchildren (she states she may have forgotten a couple).  She is married to Robert “Bob” Johnson.

Photo of Tabatha Jones
Tabatha Jones

Tabatha had a long-term goal to become a Substance abuse counselor and a helping professional, and she considers herself to be blessed to be able to work in a profession that she truly loves and feels passionate about. Tabatha also notes that, “I consider it to be such a privilege to be invited into my clients’ inner lives, and to travel the journey with them through healing, change, and self-empowerment.”
Tabatha began working with Self-Recovery in 2012 after overcoming her addiction to drugs and love. Tabatha began interning in June 2015 and passed her certification by the Oregon Alcoholism and Drug Counselor Certification Board in 2016.

Photo of Shannon Vandershule
Shannon Vandershule
Recovery Advocate

Shannon joined Awakenings in the Fall of 2014.  Raised in Tillamook, Oregon with three brothers.  She moved to Warrenton, Oregon in the summer of 2013.  She currently is attending Portland State University working towards her Bachelor of Science in Health Management Administration.  She is a mother of three children and two step-children and was recently married to the love of her life in April 2016.  Shannon loves her job at Awakenings by the Sea, helping people and spending time with her family.

Photo of Irene Vaughn
Irene Vaughn
Food Services

Irene was born in Germany.  Arrived in Astoria, Oregon in 1968 and has remained there since.  She has two sons and four grand children.  Irene has been in the food service industry for many years.  She enjoys to cook and is happy to be at Awakenings by the Sea.

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