Awakenings Alumni Picnic 2023

The 2023 alumni picnic at Awakenings by the Sea was a powerful reminder of the positive growth that can emerge from the seeds we sow. Witnessing these remarkable women inspiring current clients exemplifies the essence of our mission. Moreover, it rekindled the spirits of a few alumni, encouraging them to reengage with alumni meetings.

A particularly touching moment occurred when a client, who had been part of our community seven years ago, returned. She proudly shared that she had just witnessed her son graduate and was now in a happy, healthy relationship, equipped with the ability to navigate life’s challenges with logic. Her heartfelt testimony underscored the impact of revisiting our rehab community, and she even commemorated the experience with an ocean-themed tattoo.

The event showcased the incredible teamwork of everyone involved, making the clean-up process swift and efficient. We extend our gratitude to all who contributed to the success of this memorable day and look forward to another picnic in the summer of 2024.