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“I’m a recent client at Awakenings and I have to say the experience is unlike my preconceptions. From entering it was very apparent that it is a great program with caring staff. The activities, access to exercise, and the outlined learning were all thoughtfully planned to help me focus on my recovery.

This doesn’t mean it was easy, and I can absolutely say that it was worth each moment there. It was that the difficult work on my emotional, mental, and addictions were safe there and that they understood that this time taken to be there was also time from loved ones. I felt very grateful and empowered after my 30 days with them. It has been a gift to get a foundation for sobriety and wellness with them.” Email from 2023 Client, requested to be anonymous.

“I was heard! The program here is amazing. The staff really goes above and beyond. The counselors really care and it shows. Highly recommended.” Bobbie E., December 2020 Patient Satisfaction Survey

“I was living a miserable life; angry, lonely and afraid. I was trapped in a pit of darkness and despair. My drinking was beyond my control. I could see no way out. Awakenings by the Sea answered my cry for help. (Literally, at 1: o’clock in the morning!) Here, I was shown a different path; a new way of living, if I wanted it. If I was willing. The food is too good. I gained weight. The location is beautiful! Yes, it’s by the sea. The staff, each and every one; incredibly gifted and kind, are remarkable examples of “recovery is possible”. Today, I am grateful and happy. I have found a new way of living, free from alcohol. Thank you, Awakenings by the Sea.” Pam M., December 2020 Google Review

“I needed a safe place of refuge to escape my life and the chaos I was going through. I needed a safe place that would hold me when I wanted to explode. I needed a safe place where I could check out of life so I could check in with my heart and soul. I found everything I needed at Awakenings. I found women who were searching to heal from trauma the way I was searching. I found staff that was patient, caring, and nurturing. I found my strength and I found my laugh and I left with the tools I needed to regain control over my life. I highly recommend awakenings to all women looking to recover. I got so much out of the group sessions and various sorts of therapy as well as the one on one time. I was even allowed space and grace when I just couldn’t bring myself to participate in the day. I’ll never forget my time there and I am so thankful for all of the staff. Allison was my counselor and I really felt she had my back and I could talk to her about anything, she had a huge impact on my recovery. I loved participating in Nicole’s groups and how she would take the time to check in with me. Courtney, Donald, and Debbie were fantastic to talk to, always listened so attentively, and were so helpful. John and Fluffy were always so sweet to us girls and knew how to cheer us up and make us laugh. The Debras would always throw a friendly smile. Theresa and Nadine made wonderful food and were very lovely to be around. The house and space are beautiful and the location allows for beach time and sunsets ???? John even took us to participate in a beach cleanup the day after the 4th of July, that made my heart feel good. I’m 18 months sober ???? and I wouldn’t have done it without my time at Awakenings, I know this, I tried to do it on my own for about a year and a half before checking myself in. Living in sobriety is where I plan to stay ❤️” Kristi P., December 2020 Google Review

“I could not have done it without your help and the help of the amazing staff… I have to say that specifically, that the clinical team at the ABTS are truly amazing & special women. I am grateful for the opportunities and wonderful experiences I had in my time in Oregon. Thank you for doing what you do.
-Onward!” Leah T., March 2020 Email

“This treatment facility is the best. It’s homey. They have an excellent staff. They teach you the skills you need here and when you go home. If you are looking for a safe place and a treatment center that make you feel safe and provides the tools you need, then come to Awakenings by the Sea. ” Marilee S., February 2020 Patient Satisfaction Survey

“No matter time of day there is ALWAYS someone willing to help you talk through any situation. Every single person has made me feel like family and that my feeling and needs are important.” Korissa R., January 2019 Patient Satisfaction Survey

“Awakenings by the Sea is an amazing place to heal. The staff is kind, loving and skillful in the needs of an addict or alcoholic. The food prepared is healthy and nourishing. The most powerful experience was “The Addiction Letter” read by our director Serenna! It was life changing and I can’t thank her enough for getting in my head and saving my life!!! I will cherish my time there at the yellow house as it has changed my life! Grateful forever to be clean and sober!”

“I loved it there the staff is amazing I learned so much . I learned how to trust . I learned I’m worthy of a good life that I don’t have to use to get through life’s hard ship . Thank you so much to (Awakenings) by the sea love you all”

“This place is great. My friend needed treatment and refused to seek it for a long time before coming here. She’s now 1 year sober! Thank you so much!!”

“It was the best investment ever. The qualified staff of Awakenings saved my life!”

“I was at Awakenings for 90 days, I coined out on the 18th of November and I’m pleased to say I’m still sober and happy. This place is a miracle! It saved my life from addiction. If you feel you’ve got a problem and you can’t help yourself anymore go to Awakenings. They know there stuff and they well help you a lot! The counselors are great and same with the staff!”

“I loved REP. I learned so much about my automatic defenses and how to deflect them off with rational self talk. The ‘Soul Wound’ exercise was my favorite. Thank you!!!” on our REP Program

“This place KNOWS their stuff. I had an unbelievable experience and a more unbelievable life afterwards. It’s only been 5 months since I coined out but the coping mechanisms are solid. They really teach u from the bottom up. Literally!”

“Awakenings has been great for me. A cozy and safe healing environment right near beach.If you are looking for recovery from addiction than this is a great place to start a life of sobriety.”

“I had an amazing, life changing experience at awakenings. All of my individual medical needs were met, the staff were very helpful and compassionate. I feel blessed to have started my recovery at awakenings.”

“An amazing life changing experience. Awakenings by the Sea saved my life. (The) entire staff (is) very caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this center for rehab services.”



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