At Awakenings by the Sea, Patient health and safety are our priority. The items listed below have been determined safe and acceptable to bring with you into treatment. Any items not on the list will be turned in and kept safe until discharge. In the event that you discharge, leave AMA (leaving against medical advice), or leave ACA (leaving against clinical advice) and leave belongings behind, you will be given 7 days from the day you leave the facility to arrange to pick-up of your belongings. After 7 days, your belongings will be considered property of Awakenings by the Sea. Please be aware, upon admission your belongings will be searched and any illegal items, weapons, paraphernalia, drugs, alcohol, or non-prescribed drugs will be confiscated and destroyed. Bringing illegal items to treatment is a federal crime.

Acceptable/Suggested Items

  • Casual and comfortable clothing, such as: jeans, khakis, sweat pants, shorts (mid- thigh or longer), t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, tennis shoes, comfortable shoes, exercise clothes, sunglasses, jacket, pajamas, slippers, boots and raincoat.
  • Toiletry items such as body wash/soap, shampoo/conditioner, body lotion, hairbrush, hair dryer, straightener, toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, make-up, razor, tweezers, toenail clippers, sanitary napkins and tampons. Weighted blanket and personal pillow if desired. (Nail polish/remover IS allowed).
  • Current medications in their original prescription bottles. (Must be in original prescription bottle for verification.) Please do not bring supplements as we cannot administer or utilize personal non-prescription medication.
  • Insurance card, prescription or medical cards, Photo I.D., Passport etc.
  • Extras: Photos of family and friends, journal, safe reading material, Bible, umbrella, spending money, cell phone, laptop, IPods, mp3 players, and charging cables. No internet enabled devices outside of scheduled electronics time. Electronic entertainment devices are only for work outs and scheduled electronics time and will be held by the staff.
  • PLEASE BRING A 30 DAY SUPPLY OF NICOTINE PRODUCTS. Due to Covid, we are no longer doing weekly store runs. Extra phone time will be allowed for ordering nicotine/hygiene products weekly. Family can send care packages with items as well.